Benefits of Massage

Massage is not a luxury

Massage is a tool that is essential in keeping you doing the things you love to do. Do you want to ski, run, and cycle or be the best parent you can be? Massage is an essential tool to keep you doing what you love to do better and longer. Massage comes in a variety of forms to fit your needs and when mixed with additional wellness tools like chiropractic care, fitness and nutrition, your body becomes the Maserati of what YOU want to accomplish in life. Alright…let’s get specific and scientific!

Increases flexibility

So, how is the touching your toes going…not quite the same since high school? As we age, and yes I said the “A” word, our muscles build up scare tissue from old injuries, repetitive use and inactivity. This accumulative stress on our muscles shortens and tightens the muscles and creates a loss of function and decreased range of motion in the joint. Massage is a key ingredient in keeping muscles young.

Improves Immune function

Research has proven that getting regular massage optimizes your lymphatic system and helps your body get rid of toxins, enhance your immune system and Mike Tyson anything foreign that enters your body.

Lowers blood pressure

Stress plays a major role in the increase of blood pressure. Regular massage reduces stress and improves blood circulation which in return helps lower blood pressure.

Improves posture

Recently, there has been a large increase in the research and development of posture corrective techniques and the direct correlation to your overall health. But years ago, Thomas Edison said it best; “The doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame (posture), in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.” The future is now, so welcome to the future of real health care not disease care. Welcome to OolaMoola!

Speeds up healing

Immediately after an injury the body starts to create inflammation and then scar tissue begins to set up in the injured muscle. Massage works in all three stages of healing. Initially in managing and controlling inflammation, then in increasing circulation to speed healing and in the final phase massage increases flexibility and reduces scar tissue formation.

Reduces injury risk

This is very obvious…the more relaxed and supple the muscle the less likely of injury. But, it goes deeper than that with proper muscle function and nerve firing, you will also reduce the stress on ligaments and injury risk to ligament and bone.

Additional benefits of regular massage includes: